Our wonderful class members have seen the benefits of Pilates. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.

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-I try and go to two Pilates classes a week. I love it.
Not only is it excellent for physical health, strength and flexibility it is also excellent for mental health. It is calming and when concentrating on getting into the correct position, holding the position and remembering to breathe you have to clear your mind to any outside thoughts or worries.    Kathryn is wonderful at encouraging you to work at your own level but also to improving and pushing yourself, but if you can’t do something that is ok too.        Liz  – attends classes in Monton and Bolton
I’ve always been active and have often been described as a ‘gym bunny’ so I was gutted when I injured my back last year and I was not able to exercise for almost 8 weeks. After intense physiotherapist I was advised to join Pilates as it was the best exercise I could do to strengthen my back and was safe so would not cause any further injury. I’m now definitely a Pilates convert – I absolutely love the classes. Every week Kathryn asks if anyone has any new injuries and then she adapts exercises if necessary. Pilates is all about your core and I’ve noticed this has improved my posture. The relaxation element has also helped me sleep better. ….. Joanne attends classes at St Paul’s and Monton
I had heard Pilates was good but didn’t realise how much impact one weekly session would have. I wish I could go more than once a week!!.
-I absolutely love Ensemble Pilates. I find the class so relaxing but enjoy challenging my body and learning new skills. The atmosphere is amazing and Kathryn the instructor caters the class for all different levels. I am hooked for life and look forward to going every Thursday.            Mel – attends classes at St Paul’s Church
This was my first experience of Pilates, I’d been informed its very good for your core strength. My first session I found very relaxing, it made me feel good about myself and freed my mind of stress and busyness. I look forward to my pilates sessions. My mind and body is cleansed each time leaving me toned both physically and mentally. Thank you x.     Lisa – attends classes at GuildHall Walkden
I cannot tell you how happy and amazed I am to have joined this class. I love love love it. Me time, exercise, head space. I’m better at it than I could have ever imagined and friends that know me know I’m not into exercise! I think they are all pretty flabbergasted, especially at my planking skills! 😁 Just practised at home and got way past my personal best! Thankyou so much Kathryn for bringing pilates into my life and also for you, I wouldn’t want to do it with any one else. You make us all feel wonderful, relaxed and hard worked. 💖💖💖 …Helen attends classes at Guildhall, Walkden